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Welcome To Nephro Specialist Kidney Transplant India, we are urgent need of A+,B+,AB+ and O+ kidney donor, if you are interested in donating your Kidney / Organ, we offer up to the sum of {10 crore India Rupees}. if you are interested please contact us immediately on WhatsApp: +917010715720

Kidney Donors Needed
Email us on [email protected]

Welcome To Nephro Specialist Healthcare India, we are urgent need of A+,B+,AB+ and O+ kidney donor, if you are interested in selling your kidney or donate your organ, we offer the sum {10 crore India Rupee}.Note that you have to provide all the document requirement before the process will start, and our first payment is {5cr India Rupee} also with your appointment letter from the hospital, on your appointment day you will receive your remaining balance which is {5cr India Rupee} will be paid after the surgery and we are going to give you the best treatment, so if you are interested please contact us immediately on Email: [email protected]


Fostering Uninterrupted Normal Lives

We are here to enable every individual suffering from kidney disease to resume the daily joys and normal functioning of life. Nephro Specialists delivers top-quality dialysis services, quick and convenient transplant procedures, and an environment that is cheerful, relaxed, and friendly. Our cost-effective treatments, top-notch services, advanced technology, highly specialised team, and a patient-centric approach, sets us apart from the rest. Spread across India and expanded to east and west Asia, Nephro Specialists is Asia’s largest dialysis network with more than 300 canters.


To provide quality dialysis at
affordable prices by using
standardized protocols, continuous
training and focused innovation


To enable people on dialysis
across the world lead long,
happy and productive lives

6 Responses

  1. i am Prof Vedant Agastya, i live in Jaipur India i was introduced to Dr Nisha Sunita by a friend of mine who have sold his [email protected] in the past , i was having so much debt and so i needed money urgently to clear up my debt , I contacted Dr Nisha Sunita in her WhatsApp and she told me all the right step and process which I will take before I can have right to sell my [email protected] , which I did my Registration and other legal process what Surprise I and my family most , was that all the process was very fast as i received my first payment of 5 crore within 4 hours in my bank account, today is the happiest day in my family life I’m here to honor Dr Nisha Sunita for her good and honest job by also helping poor people in India.

  2. I’m thanking the management and staff of Nephro Specialist Health Care and also the Doctor Dr. Nisha Sunita who is behind all my process from the beginning to the end she was there for me like a sister, it is not other person than Dr Nisha Sunita God will Continue to bless you the way you are helping a lot of people that are facing financial crisis. I have received my 5 crore first payment in my bank account.

  3. After receiving my 5 crore this morning I can’t describe how much your help meant to me. I will forever cherish your generous acts Nephro Specialist Health Care and staff.

    How did you come by such a golden heart? Thank you for the extraordinary help you give me At a time when hell broke loose, you offered help which saved the situation. I am forever grateful. God bless you (Dr.Nisha Sunita) abundantly for me From Mrs Ahana Reyansh India Mumbai.

  4. I’m Maneesh Gupta from U.P India. Today is the happiest and wonderful day of my life, after contacting Dr. Nisha Sunita. For selling my one 1kdeny , she told me all the process i will take before I can give my 1kdney out and get my first half amount of 5 crore. I did all she told me to do before selling my [email protected] after I went through all d process, she told me, it was not up to four hour when I receiving my part payment of 5 crore in my bank account, I was planning to take my life, all because of poverty, I am grateful to Dr. Nisha Sunita who safe me for not commenting suicide.

  5. Dr Nisha Sunita From the first check-in process, throughout the course of Surgery , and at the final appointment, the care given by your team has been phenomenal. Words cannot express the amount of thanks that you all deserve for being so compassionate during this experience also Your entire team worked together to make sure nothing was overlooked and deserves sincere gratitude.I’m very happy for the success of my surgery with my full amount of 5cr I received from your hospital. From Saumya Ekta Anjali India Surat. BiG Thank to Dr Nisha Sunita and his Hospital Management

  6. My Names are Balemda Navodit from Bangalore Karnataka I work as a lecture in T.John College Bannerghatta Bangalore , Doctor Dr Nisha Sunita for helping to the contact @Nephro Specialist Health Care, It is hard to use words to convey my heartfelt appreciation for the kind of help you rendered me, by selling my 1 kidnay to your hospital for 10cr, I want to express my appreciation to you for the kindness you shown me during those difficult times. I am eternally grateful. Thank you. Dr Nisha Sunita

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